Who is the Father of Noah Hendrix?

Finding the father of Noah Hendrix is proving to be difficult. Many researcher have worked on this in the past.

One thing we know, for sure, is that Noah is related to the Hendrickson family in Mercer/Washington/Nelson Kentucky.

This is proven through YDNA testing. YDNA is the Y chromosome passed down directly, father to son, for generations. Noah Hendrix male descendants have tested on FamilyTreeDNA, and they match with “my” Hendrickson family.

If you’re a descendant of Noah Hendrix (1825-1900, marries Rena Caroline Boshers) or S Noah Hendrix (1863-1939, marries Martha “Mattie” Jones), please contact me. Both of these men’s descendants have YDNA matches to the Hendrickson family from Kentucky. DNA can get us past a lot of genealogy brick walls.

We know a few facts

What we don’t know

What we don’t know, for sure, are the suppositions people make about the 1850 census. You have to be willing to look at this census from several possible viewpoints in order to decipher it. It could mean many things. We can’t make any assumptions without proof.

  • Noah is living with Henry and Ann Tolar in Tishomingo, Mississippi.
  • We don’t know, for sure, if Ann is Noah’s mother, or if he’s just boarding with this family.
  • There is an Eason Hendrix living with them b. abt. 1847. We don’t know if this is Noah’s son, or Ann’s. More below.
  • I can’t trace Henry Tolar back further than 1840, though his 1850 census says he’s born 1779 in Georgia. More on Henry and his son, Mathias Houston Tolar, below.

Ann’s birth year fluctuates widely.

  • In 1850 she says’s she’s born 1802 Kentucky.
  • In 1860, after she marries Jones, she says she’s born 1810 Kentucky, and living next door to Thomas Boshers, father of Noah’s wife, Caroline.
  • In 1870, she’s born 1797 Kentucky, and she’s living with Silas Hendrix.

Did Noah have siblings?

I believe that Noah had siblings and they’re living in the area. I have DNA matches to some of them, and I’d love to hear from any Hendrix/Hendrickson researcher who also has a DNA match with any of these possible siblings:

  1. Martha Jane Hendricks (born in TN 1832, dies after 1880 in Tishomingo, MS). Marries Felix Whitehurst and Matthew (or Martin) Cooksey. I have a DNA match through her son John Thomas Whitehurst. In 1850, she’s single and living with the Dixon family in Tishomingo, next door to the Thomas Boshers family. Thomas’ daughter, Caroline, marries Noah Hendrix. In 1880, Martha Hendricks Cooksey is living next door to Silas Hendrix’s widow. Also note that, in 1880, Noah is living next door to George Evetts. George eventually marries Martha Hendricks Whitehurt Cooksey’s daughter, Caladonia Cooksey.
  2. Mary Ann Hendricks (born in TN 1840, dies after 1910 in Iuka, Tishomingo, MS). Marries George Wheeler and Ephraim Ashcraft.
  3. Silas W Hendrix, Sr (born in TN 1845, dies after 1869 in Tishomingo, MS). In 1880, he has Nancy Jones living with him, born 1797 Kentucky. I believe this is Ann Tolar Jones. Ann Tolar marries David Jones in 1858 Alcorn, MS; David Jones dies in 1868. “Nancy” is a diminutive of “Ann” — much like “Sally” is a diminutive of “Sarah” or “Polly” is a diminutive of “Mary.” The question is: is she the mother of these Hendrix/Hendricks children? See below.

About Ann Tolar Jones

Ann Tolar could have many relationships to the people in the 1850 census.

  • Ann Tolar might be the first wife of Henry Tolar, and the mother of all three Tolar children.
  • She might be a second wife to Henry Tolar and mother of only a few of these Tolar children.
  • She might not be the mother of any of these Tolar children. 
  • She might be the daughter of Henry Tolar (there is a 23 year age difference).

We can’t make assumptions without proof. Do any of the Hendrix or Tolar researchers have DNA matches to this family?

I have access to one of Noah Hendrix’s descendant’s DNA kit report on Ancestry.com. He has NO matches to any of Mathias Tolar’s children. And he should have matches — if Ann Tolar is the mother of Mathias, then Mathias’ children would be half-siblings to Noah. At minimum (and until I can check the DNA reports from other Noah Hendrix descendants), Ann Tolar Jones is not the mother of both Mathias Tolar and Noah Hendrix.

Ann Tolar Jones appears to be living with Silas Hendrix in 1870 as Nancy Jones. It might be because she’s his mother, or she might simply be a family friend.

If she’s Noah’s mother, then these Tolar kids aren’t hers because she’s having Mary, Martha and Silas at the same time as William and Sarah Tolar are being born. But it’s possible that William and Sarah Tolar are her children, and have taken the name Tolar when their mother married Henry Tolar.

There are two children in the 1840 Simeon Hendrickson census who would fit William and Sarah Tolar perfectly.

About Eason Hendrix

It’s possible that Eason Hendrix in the 1850 census is not the son of Noah, but rather the son of Ann. There’s no way to know, because Eason disappears after 1850. If Eason is Ann’s son, then she marries Tolar around 1847-1850, and none of the Tolar children are hers.

“Eason” might be a family name, perhaps her maiden name or her mother’s maiden name. Or Eason is the son of Noah by an unknown mother. (We’d need to check if “Eason” is a common boys name of the era, or if it’s unique.)  There is an Eason family living in Tippah County, MS, next to Alcorn, MS, but I don’t know if they’re related.

Eason appears to be born around 1847 in Mississippi. In 1870, Nancy Ann Jones is living with Silas W Hendrix, also born around 1847, but in Tennessee. What if Eason is Silas?

Where do these four possible siblings say their parents were born?

In the 1880 census, people were asked for the birth locations of their parents. Noah, Martha and Mary all live into 1880.

  • Noah says his mother is born in KY and he doesn’t know where his father is born.
  • Martha doesn’t list birth locations for her parents.
  • Mary says her mother is born in KY and doesn’t know where her father is born.

This gives us a sense that, as adults, they know who their mother is and where she was born. It’s also likely that their father died when they were young, and their mother never told them where he was born.

The Tolar family

Let’s circle back around to the three Tolar children. Mathias is born 1821 in Alabama, so Henry should have a marriage, land or census record for Alabama in the 1820s. I couldn’t find one. There is another Henry Tolar in the area, but he’s from North Carolina and has his own set of census records from 1820-1860.

Mathias is born 1821 Alabama — then William is born 1834 Tennessee and Sarah is born 1836 Tennessee. That’s a huge age gap between 1821 and the next child in 1834.

If we could find Henry Tolar’s 1840 census, we can see if he has children under 10 listed in it.

There’s no Henry Tolar in Tennessee at the time William and Sarah are born. But since Noah and his possible siblings are born in this timeframe in Tennessee, then it’s possible that William and Sarah are Hendrix, not Tolar. Only DNA will tell us that.

Since Mathias’ middle name is Houston, his mother’s maiden name might be Houston.

(Note: sometimes they spell it Tolar, and sometimes Toller, so if you’re looking for DNA matches, use all the different spellings. William’s children use “Toller.”)

There are two Henry Tolar men that I found: 

  • Henry Tolar married to Ann in the 1850 census. He’s born 1779 in Georgia and has at least one son, Mathias, born 1821 in Alabama.
  • Henry Tolar who is born 1789 in Cumberland NC, who marries Catherine Magee, and moves to Tyler, TX. He has census records from 1820 to 1860, and the earlier Covington, MS census records match him, his wife, and his 2 children.

Which Hendrickson/Hendricks/Hendrix family is in Tennessee during the 1820s, 1830s, and 1840s?

If Noah is born in 1825 Tennessee, and if these other three are his siblings, then the family is in TN from about 1825 to 1845.

I have studied every Hendrickson, Hendricks and Hendrix family in the 1820, 1830, and 1840 census for Tennessee. Most are from NC or SC, especially those on the eastern side of TN. Only a few have a son the right age.

I’ve also studied every 1880 census, looking for a Hendri___ who was born 1820-1850 in TN whose mother was born in KY.

The best fit I can find is Simeon Hendrickson, who is born about 1790 and dies after 1840.

In 1824, he’s in Madison County, TN. He’s in the 1830 census for Madison, TN.

By 1840, he’s in Dyer County, TN.

This location works, as Simeon is on the western side of TN, and many KY settlers went into the western side of KY and TN. There’s a road and a railroad from Dyersburg TN right into Corinth MS.

AND, very important, “Simeon” is a much-used name in my Hendrickson family. There are at least a dozen Simeon Hendrickson men in my family tree. I’ve searched for Simeon or Simon Hendri___ and there are very few of them that exist during this time period, and very few who aren’t related to my Hendrickson family.

AND Noah names his first son James Simeon Hendrix.

Here are Simeon/Simon census records.

We’re looking for: 

  • Ann, born 1797-1802 (I’ll assume, for now, the 1810 birth year is a mistake)
  • Noah born about 1825-29
  • Martha b. 1832
  • Mary b. 1840
  • Silas b. 1845

  • 1830, Madison, TN:
  • Males – under 5: 1 (1825-1830, Noah)
  • Males – 30-39: 1 (1791-1800, Simeon, likely b abt 1790)
  • Females – under 5: 1 (1825-1830, Martha)
  • Females – 5-9: 1 (1821-1825, another daughter – need to find her. She might die early because she doesn’t appear in 1840)
  • Females – 30-39: 1 (wife, Ann, born 1791-1800)

  • 1840, Dyer, TN:
  • Males – 5-9:  1 (1831-1835, a son – need to find him)
  • Males – 10-14: 1 (1826-1830, Noah)
  • Males – 50- 59: 1 (1781-1790, Simeon)
  • Females – under 5: 1 (1835-1840, Mary)
  • Females – 5-9:    2 (1831-1835, Martha and another daughter – need to find her)
  • Females – 40-49: 1 (wife, Ann, born 1791-1800)

What about this extra son and daughter?

There’s an extra son and daughter in the 1840 census. Are these two missing children the Tolar children in 1850? They fit the age ranges of the Dyer TN children.

  • 1834 William Tolar born TN
  • 1836 Sarah Tolar born in TN.

There is no Henry Tol*r in TN in the 1820-1840 timeframe, so if William and Sarah Tolar are born in Tennessee, they’re not Henry Tolar’s children.

So, who is the father of Simeon Hendrickson?

I’m still working on this one. He’s born about 1790, probably in Kentucky, Ohio, or Pennsylvania.

I’ll be looking at the 1810 census for all the Hendrickson men to figure out which ones have a missing son of the right age. Since I don’t see Simeon with his own 1820 census, I’ll look on the other Hendrickson men’s 1820 census for a grown son. 

Simeon’s father is likely a son, or grandson, of John and Eve Hendrickson. If you’re on Ancestry, you can find John and Eve’s tree here:

In order to find the father of Noah, we have to do several things:

  1. Find DNA matches to these four possible siblings. That’s the only way we’ll have some proof that they’re related. Just because they live next door to each other doesn’t mean they’re related.
  2. Find out where Henry Tolar is before 1850. If we can find both the 1830 and 1840 census record for him, we can know how many children he has — because I believe it’s possible that William and Sarah Tolar are really Ann’s children that have taken Henry’s name. 
  3. Find DNA matches to William Tolar and Sarah Tolar children. This is difficult, as it’s hard to trace these two siblings. They each marry a Cochran, but there’s little to go on from there. I believe Sarah dies without children (I can’t trace her or her husband.) William ends up in Arkansas.
  4. Look at Clarion Ledger for articles about any of these people, especially under married names. 
  5. Look for missing TN or KY marriage records for Simeon (or Simon) Hendrickson/Hendricks/Hendrix.
  6. Look for missing TN or KY marriage records for Ann or Nancy marrying a Hendri___.
  7. Look for land or court records in Dyer or Madison TN for Simeon, especially a probate record if he dies in TN. It might be prudent to look at all the western TN records, because he moves from Madison County northward to Dyer County, but after 1840 I don’t know where he is.
  8. Look for Silas and Mary in 1860 census, unmarried I think. There are some missing census records, so we might not find them. Look for Silas and Mary with a different surname in 1850 MS. Their mother might have remarried.

Note: Alcorn County was created 15 April 1870 from Tippah and Tishomingo Counties. Previous to this, records would be found in Tishomingo. Some of the kids go to Prentiss county, as well.

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