Noah Hendrix – Research Part 2 DNA Results

As you know from me previous post, Who Is The Father of Noah Hendrix?, I made a supposition that Noah had at least 3 siblings.

I’m happy to confirm that I’ve tested this out through several different descendants’ DNA kits, and they all match these people:

  • Martha Jane Hendricks, born about 1832 in Tennessee. She marries Felix G. Whitehurst, then Mathew L Cooksey. She has 3 children: John Thomas Whitehurst (m. Nancy Rachel Palmer), James Whitehurst, and Caldonia Cooksey (marries George Washington Evetts). There are many DNA matches through John Thomas Whitehurst. She would be the daughter on Simeon Hendrickson’s 1840 Dyer, TN census, born 1831-1835.
  • Mary Ann Hendricks, born about 1840 in Tennessee. She marries George L. Wheeler and Ephraim J Ashcraft. She has 3 children: Martha Jane Wheeler (marries Ephraim Green Ashcraft), James Ashcraft, and Sarah Francis Ashcraft (marries William Thomas Floyd). There are DNA matches down both her daughters’ lines. She would be on the 1840 census as the daughter born 1836-1840.
  • Silas W. Hendrix, born about 1845 in Tennessee. He marries a woman named Elizabeth (maiden name unknown). He has 5 children, Elizabeth C Hendrix, Sarah Louisa J. Hendrix (marries Thomas Pittman Francis Farley and Jim D. Wood), Susan A. D. Hendrix (dies young), James Edmund Hendrix (marries Emma Jane Gray), and Silas N or L Hendrix. There are DNA matches down both Sarah and James’ lines. His mother, Ann “Nancy” Hendrix Tolar Jones is living with him in 1870. NOTE: A Silas Hendricks is the bondsman for the marriage of Ann Tolar and David Jones in 1858. But in order to post a bond in 1858, he would have to be born before 1837. On Silas’ 1870 Federal census, it says he’s 25 years old (his wife is 35 years old). On the 1870 State census, it says he’s 30 years old (and his wife is 30 years old). Because of this, I can’t be sure if he’s older than we think (the same age as his wife), or if it’s two different Silas men. However, this Ann Tolar Jones — she’s the one living with him in 1870, and she’s the one living with Noah Hendrix in 1850. He might be the son on the 1840 census born 1831-1835. There is an S. S. Hendrix who joins the Arkansas Calvary during the Civil War, born 1836 Hardeman County, TN. This is possibly Silas, as Simeon Hendrickson is in Hardeman in 1836 and 1837, and Silas’ oldest children are born in Arkansas during and right after the war.

Here’s what I believe is possible: with enough DNA kit reports, we can figure out the maiden name of Ann “Nancy” Hendrix Tolar Jones. It will be a process of elimination: any kits in common with known descendants of either Noah Hendrix or S. Noah Hendrix, but that don’t have Hendrix in their trees, are candidates for Ann’s family. That’s assuming that Ann had sibling, aunts and uncles. We know she’s born in Kentucky around 1800, and if my supposition is correct that her first husband was Simeon Hendrickson, then they’re 14 miles away from Jackson, Madison, TN by 1824. That’s a small window of time and easy to find who is living nearby.

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