Philip Levin Webster of Prince George’s County, Maryland and his descendants

In 1882, some of the Webster descendants filed a case against the owners of the White Tavern and land in Prince George’s County, Maryland. They alleged that one Webster descendant of Philip Levin Webster wrongly sold the property, when the other descendants should have benefited from that transaction.

The case names the descendants of Philip Levin Webster. Married women are listed with their married names. People who were already dead by 1882 were listed, and their offspring listed, as well.

Note: Philip Levin Webster, aka L. Philip Webster, aka Levin Webster married Elizabeth Bayne aka Bean.

From the actual case file, the nine children of Philip Levin Webster are (the exact words and spelling that is on the case records):

  1. Milly A Beers, wife of Isaac Beers
  2. John Webster
  3. James Webster
  4. Walter Webster
  5. William Webster
  6. Charles Webster
  7. Elizabeth Webster
  8. Amy Simms 
  9. Charlotte Sawyer

During the deposition, Amada Lavine, daughter of William Webster, gives the names to all the heirs of Philip L Webster. The children of Philip are named in a different order than the first list, however I’ve put them into birth order. Amanda Lavine also noted which children were already dead, and the surviving grandchildren of the dead children. My notes are in brackets:

  • Milly A Webster Beers (b 1794), wife of Isaac Beers. They are the defendants in the case (they’re the ones who sold the land illegally). Their children are:
    • Mary A Beers
    • Cornelia Elizabeth Beers
    • Virginia Georgiana Beers
    • Charles Isaac Beers
  • Charlotte (b 1795) Webster Sawyer, wife of Charles W Sawyer. Dead before 1882, no children.
  • James Webster (b 1800); dead before 1882, no children
  • Permelia “Amy” Webster Simms (b 1803), wife of Richard Alexander Simms or Semmes (their children use “Simms”); died intestate, but no date given. Died before 1882.
    • Jerusha Simms Comstock (alive in 1882)
    • William Simms (alive in 1882)
    • Elizabeth Simms (alive in 1882)
    • Albert Simms (dead before 1882); all children presumably alive in 1882
      • James Simms
      • George Simms
      • William Simms
      • Mary Simms
      • Richard Simms
      • Clara Simms
      • Beulah Simms
    • Robert Simms (dead before 1882)
      • case file says “names forgotten” for his children. They are:
      • Richard Alexander Simms
      • John Edwin Simms
      • Margaret Simms
      • Robert Franklin Simms
      • William Albert Simms
      • Alonzo Taylor Simms
      • Clarence Lincoln Simms
      • Nellie May Simms
      • Charles Edward Simms
    • Charles Simms (dead before 1882); all children presumably alive in 1882
      • Albert Simms
      • Mary Simms
      • Charles Simms
  • Walter Webster (b 1806); dead before 1882, no children
  • John Webster (b 1810); dead before 1882, no children
  • William Webster (b 1811); died in 1853. All children alive in 1882
    • Amanda V Webster Lavine
    • Cornelia Webster Allen
    • Frances Webster Allen
  • Charles Webster (b 1814); died in 1876 according to the case; actually, he died in 1869. All children presumably alive in 1882
    • Isaac Beers Webster
    • Matilda E Webster
    • George Washington Webster
    • William A Webster
    • Mary Ann Webster
  • Elizabeth Webster (b 1819); dead before 1882, noted as “of Buffalo, New York”. No children.

If you’re on, you can see Philip Levin Webster’s profile here:

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