Where “My” Hendricksons Come From

History books don’t lie, do they?

Because four different history books give four different places my ancestors are from.

James Hendrickson of Shelby County, Indiana

James Hendrickson says the Hendricksons are from Wales.

James is the son of James and Elizabeth Voyles Hendrickson, grandson of William and Nancy Moore Hendrickson, great-grandson of John and Eve Hendrickson.

From: History of Shelby County, Indiana:  “Noble Sketches”,  pages 728-729 by Brant & Fuller, 1887

“James Hendrickson was born in Mercer County, Kentucky, May 9, 1827.  He was the youngest of six children born to  James  and  Elizabeth (Voyles [sic in book]) Hendrickson, natives of Virginia and North Carolina, respectively.   His mother was of English and German parentage, his father of Welsh parentage.  His father,  James Hendrickson, Sr., came to Kentucky when about sixteen years old.”

David D. Little of Marion County, Ohio

David D. Little says the Hendricksons are from England.

David D. Little is the son of Simon Peter Little, grandson of Adam Little and Mary Hendrickson, great-grandson of Simeon and Fanny Hendrickson, great-great-grandson of John and Eve Hendrickson.

From: 1883 History of Marion County, Ohio, pages 929-930.

“Simon Peter Little was born in Maryland in 1807, and was the son of Adam and Mary (Hendrickson) Little, he of New England parentage, and the latter of English origin.”

Alexander Breeding of Adair County, Kentucky and Johnson County, Indiana

Alexander Breeding says the Hendricksons are from Ireland.

Alexander Breeding is the son of David and Mary “Polly” Hendrickson Breeding. Mary is the daughter of Isaac (II) and and Ann Stiles Hendrickson, granddaughter of Isaac Hendrickson I, great-granddaughter of John and Eve Hendrickson.

From: History of Johnson County Indiana by David Demaree Banta, (1888 edition) page 401.

“His parents are David and Mary (Hendrickson) Breeding, the former of Scotch, and the latter of Irish, descent.”

Cherry Laura Van Deusen Pratt

Cherry Laura Van Deusen Pratt says the Hendricksons are from England and/or Denmark

Cherry Laura Van Deusen Pratt, in “The genealogy of Rev. W. H. Van Deusen” book (page 61) asks her family where they’re from. They say the Hendricksons are English or Danish.

Note: William Thomas Hendrickson was born in Casey Creek, Adair, Kentucky to Isaac Hendrickson and Mary Knifely. He married Elizabeth “Betsy” Wethington, so the speaker’s “mother” is Betsy in the first sentence, and her “grandfather” is William Thomas Hendrickosn in the second sentence. It’s the Wethingstons who are Welsh/English, and the Hendricksons who are English/Danish.

This doesn’t leave us much real information, does it?

This reveals how our parents and relatives tell us stories that may or may not be true. My grandfather always told us we were Welsh…but I have my doubts!

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