Eleven Hendrickson-Hardin Marriages

Over the years, the Hendrickson and Hardins have intermarried. This can make using DNA results tricky when doing genealogy work: a living person today, having DNA from both sides, may appear to have a closer relationship to you (and your most recent common ancestor) than they really have.

Here are some Hendrickson-Hardin marriages, to provide you clues. All the Hendrickson-Hardin marriages are through the children of Leonard and Sally Hendrickson.

Most of these marriages happened in either Mercer, Washington or Nelson County, Kentucky. These three counties connect together and we believe the Hendrickson land is near these connection points. So even if they’re married in different counties, they probably attended the same churches, schools, etc.

  1. 1801 – John Hendrickson (son of Leonard) to Sarah Hardin (daughter of Moses), married Mercer County, Kentucky.
  2. 1822 – William Hendrickson (son of John and Sarah Hardin Hendrickson, grandson of Leonard Hendrickson and Moses Hardin) and Sarah Thompson, daughter of James and Jane Hardin Thompson, granddaughter of Moses Hardin. Yes, first cousins married each other.
  3. 1827 – Sarah “Sallie” Hendrickson (daughter of Separate, granddaughter of Leonard) and John W “Jack” Hardin (son of Bailey), married in Nelson County, Kentucky.
  4. 1827 – Mary Jane Hendrickson (daughter of Separate, granddaughter of Leonard) and William H Hardin (son of Bailey), married Nelson County, Kentucky.
  5. 1832 – John Wesley [Westley] Hendrickson (son of Separate, grandson of Leonard) and Mary “Polly” Hardin (daughter of Bailey Hardin, granddaughter of Moses Hardin), Washington County, Kentucky.
  6. 1832 – Drusilla Hendrickson (daughter of Separate and Sally Bird Hendrickson, granddaughter of Leonard, married as “Bird” but children list “Hendricks” as her maiden name) and Samuel Hardin (son of Bailey, grandson of Moses Hardin)
  7. 1862 – Charles H Hendricks (son of John Wesley Hendrickson, great-grandson of Leonard) and Nancy Burkhead (step-daughter of James M Hardin, Bailey’s on – Nancy is not a blood Hardin, just step-daughter to a Hardin), married Washington County, Kentucky.
  8. 1865 – Frances C Keeling (b 1845, daughter of Benjamin Keeling and Frances (b. 1807) Hardin, granddaughter of Moses Hardin) and Asher B Hendricks (son of John Westley Hendrickson, grandson of Separate and Sally Bird Hendrickson, great-grandson of Leonard)
  9. 1884 – Amanda Elizabeth Hendricks (daughter of Charles Hendricks [#7 above] and Nancy Burkhead) and William Harrison Hardin, son of John Bailey Hardin. Married Washington County, Kentucky. (I need to research this one further to be sure who are the father and wife of John Bailey Hardin. William Harrison Hardin’s death certificate seems incorrect or Find A Grave is incorrect.)
  10. 1887 – Fannie Bell Hendricks (daughter of Charles H Hendricks and Nancy Burkhead) and John Calhoun Hardin (son of John Bailey Hardin), married Washington County, Kentucky.
  11. 1890 – Harriett Ann Nix (daughter of Malinda Hendricks and William Nix, granddaughter of John Wesley Hendrickson [#5 above]) to Jetson Hardin (son of Jack Hardin and Sally Hendrickson [#3 above], grandson of Separate Hendrickson and Sally Bird, great-grandson of Leonard), married probably Washington County, Kentucky.

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