Eve Hendrixson m. Andrew Corn

Eve had a tough life. She had an illegitimate child in 1808 (John Hendrixson) and then she married Andrew Corn in 1818. By 1819, Andrew had left her and his children from a previous marriage.

When was Eve born?

We don’t know how old Eve was when she had John in 1808, but at minimum age 12, she would have been born before 1796. There is no bastardy case that I can find in existing records for Washington County, KY in the 1808 time period. I will continue to search for one. The first we hear about John is in his 1819 indenture court record.

I assume she’s over 21 when she gets married in 1818, as there is no consent found for her, so born before 1797.

I doubt she would be more than 10 years older than Andrew Corn (b 1787), so lower limit is 1777 and upper limit is 1796. It’s more likely that she’s closer to Corn’s age, so 1787-1796.

Online trees have her born 1780 (with no proof). That would make her 28 when she has baseborn John, and 38 when she marries Corn, and that probably makes her a Hendrickson daughter-in-law and not daughter.

Who is her father (or husband)?

Her father is likely one of the four sons of John Hendrickson, Sr.

She marries Andrew Corn in 1818 in Washington County, KY. Her son, John, is indentured in 1819 in Washington, KY, so all her records are in Washington County, KY.

William Hendrickson, Sr

  • In 1800, William is in Washington County, KY.
  • In 1810, he’s in Mercer County, KY.
  • His children are born from 1781-1801.
  • On his 1810 census, all individuals are accounted for, and there’s not a woman in the 16-25 category, or a child under 10, who are extra.
  • She could be his daughter, but she’s not living with him in 1810.

Leonard Hendrickson

  • Leonard is always in Washington County, KY.
  • His children are born from 1772-1798. Solomon was born after 1798 because he’s not 21 when he marries in 1819; Leonard gives his consent for Solomon to marry.
  • Eve could be his daughter, but not his wife. He dies after 1819 and she marries Corn in 1818.
  • In Leonard’s 1810 census, most of his children are already married; the only two not married are Solomon and David. Leonard has a male under 10 (1800-1810) who could be Eve’s son John, and 2 women 16-25 (b 1785-1794) one of which could be Eve. David appears to still be living with him. (There are “extra” people in Leonard’s 1810 census that I can’t place.)
  • Eve’s baseborn (illegitimate) son, John, is indentured out to David Hendrixson, son of Leonard, Washington County, KY 1819. Is that a clue to who her father is? It places her in Washington County in January 11, 1819. Leonard dies sometime between the time he signs for Solomon’s marriage in January 27, 1819, and the 1820 census (which he does not appear on). It could be that Leonard was taking care of Eve and her son until he died. Perhaps Leonard was sick or poor in 1819, and John was bound out because Eve couldn’t take care of him.

John Hendrickson, Jr

  • Per the 1810 census, Cumberland County, KY, John Jr has daughters born 1800-1810, but that’s too young to be Eve .
  • But John Jr is born before 1765, so I can’t imagine that he doesn’t have some older daughters — but they aren’t on the 1810 census with him.
  • He buys land in Mercer, KY in 1792, as does William. He’s on the 1787 Mercer tax list. He’s still in the area in 1798, but he’s in Cumberland, KY in 1810.
  • He has kids born between 1785-1810, so he could be her father.
  • He could be her husband and left her to move to Cumberland, KY, but then there would be a divorce record somewhere because he dies after 1822 and she marries Corn in 1819. (Unless, of course, they didn’t worry about the formalities; he moved away and she married.)

Samuel Hendrickson

  • Samuel marries in 1795, but he could be any age when he marries, so we can’t know much more about him.
  • We don’t know if this is a second marriage for him.

My best guess

I don’t know, for sure, who her father is, but my best guess would be Leonard.

  • He has children born in the right age range that could include Eve.
  • They are both in Washington County KY at the same time.
  • On his 1810 census, he’s got people living with him that could be Eve and her son.

So, for now, I’m temporarily adding Eve to Leonard’s children, and will continue to look for proof.

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